The Doon Gardening Society has completed 51 years of existence. During these years the society grew with aims, to give the amateur Gardener a platform to share with others the love of the earth. To experience the satisfaction of planting, caring for and harvesting flowers, fresh tasty fruits and vegetables.

In a short span of time all Garden Lovers in and around Dehradun desired to become its members. It

was, however, decided to limit the membership to 20 members. With these members the society grew

and the members contributed ideas and share garden knowledge with each other s well as exchange

seeds and seedlings.

The society has no formal guidelines. To ensure that the Doon Gardening Society continues prpetually

it has now become necessary to lay down proper guidelines for the society.


Article I - Name

Doon Gardening Society

Article II – Objectives

The purpose of this society is to educate members in home gardening and to encourage an interest and to promote conservation, preservation and civic beautification of our community. It shall be organized on a not-for-profit basis.


Article III – Society Board

The day to day work of the society will be managed by a COORDINATOR to be nominated with a minimum 50 percent of the members in attendance.


The Coordinator will hold the office for a term of 2 years. The Coordinator shall not succeed



The nomination shall be held at the month of November meeting and the

new incumbent will be installed at that time and immediately assume duties.


Article IV - Duties of the Coordinator

1. Maintain the attendance record in a register and an accurate record of society minutes of the meetings


2. Be responsible for mailing notices to members regarding meeting


3. Keep a record of all members and update the same


4. Be responsible for the finances of the society


5. To collect membership dues every year in February.

Article V – Membership

The membership of the Society shall be limited to 20 members, considering constraints of space available at members residence.


Article VI – Dues

The dues for active members shall be approved every year during the February meeting. At present annual subscription is Rs.100.00 per annum. It has to be paid latest by March 30th for the following year. New member on joining the society has to tender one time membership fee of Rs 200.00 and annual membership of Rs.100.00.


Article VII – Meetings

The meetings will be held at the residence of the members are per the rooster to be made every year in the month of February. The rooster will be made in the alphabetical order (First Name of the member). The society shall meet on the 2nd Saturday evening (Time to be intimated) of the month, unless otherwise designated. There shall be a total of 10/12 meetings a year.


Article VIII – Snacks to be served at the meeting

There is convention that the member hosting the meeting will serve refreshments at the end of the meeting.


Article IX – New members guide lines

New members can be introduced only by an existing member. The member desiring to introduce a new member must inform about his intentions during the meeting and bring the new member at the next meeting.


The new member shall attend 2 meeting of the society in succession  as a guest to get aquainted with

the activites of the society. Thereafter, if there is no objection by any member, will become a member.

As a general practice he/she shall arrange the next meeting at their residence.

Article X – Committee for resolving problems:

It was felt that a committee consisting of three senior members be formed to resolve problems if any. Accordingly the following three member committee was formed:

1. Mr.Prem Chand Aggarwal

2. Major Ashok Kumar

3. Dr. Meena Bakshi

Article XI – Removal of the member (s)

To be proposed by majority of the members but decided by the committee.


The Coordinator has no powers to arbitrarily remove the member from the







    Dated: 15th March. 2014

     Mobile:09358525643  Landline: 01352723634

Society Website: